Mig Welding Equipment

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MIG welders are now the most common welder we sell. They are probably the easiest welding machine to master. Higher speed and production can be achieved with their continuous wire feed and a cleaner weld due to the use of a shielding gas rather than flux. Some things to look for in a MIG welder  are, it's duty cycle at full power (60% would be professional and 30% or lower would be DIY), maximum amperage output, maximum and minimum thickness it can weld, amperage it needs to run and what is it's warranty.

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MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. It is a form of welding that uses a continuous wire feed that is activated when you pull the trigger on the MIG torch. The speed of the wire feed is adjustable to suit your needs. Simultaneously to wire feeding an inert gas is dispensed around the welding tip. This shields the electric ARC that is formed from the atmosphere. Without this shielding gas an Arc would not strike.